To add a little ambiance while you read this, you might want to listen to this song by Urban Zapaka.

I could (almost) wax poetic about how I feel when drinking a cup of coffee. It’s not that I relish the semi-bitterness of a black cup’o’joe, because sometime it pales in comparison to a warm London Fog (earl grey with milk foam & vanilla). To me, coffee allows you to be single-minded, if that’s the word/phrase I’m looking for, and allows me time for myself.

I am NOT a morning person, but I have had to transform myself in recent years to a mid-morning person. By that I mean I am not cranky at 9am, and yelling “I hate sunshine!” at 10:30 — I really was that bad LoL. But taking time to actually make myself a coffee (no Keurig, though sometimes it’s necessary when I’ve slept in too long).

I have recently purchased 2 coffee makers, a French Press & a Pezzetti. I save the  press for slower mornings when I have time to sit and drink my coffee. The Pezzetti, however, allows me to make my favorite aromatic coffees (I’m enjoying one hazelnut blend now, it’s very festive) on ordinary days. On mornings when I’m especially in a hurry I take my mug into my bathroom and place it on my vanity while I’m doing my makeup. Coffee, to me at least, was made for mornings. It’s very pleasant aroma gently nudges me out of my sleep and even if I don’t drink the whole cup I leave my house feeling refreshed, with all my edges smoothed out.

Ha! I’m not kidding, coffee is an experience for me. Not in the fast, Starbucks kind of way, but in the taking time for a cup in the morning that helps you get through the day. I know that in the coming years my pace may pick up and I may find pressing a button simpler than making my own. But I am a single woman, now, and have little responsibility except what I place on myself, so I have the time to take. However, deep down, I hope that I never lose the meaning of taking time for myself, even if it’s as small as making a cup of my favorite coffee.