I have always loved paper and desired to be “organized”, I have literally had a planner since middle school. Each year I have changed the style and the colors… One year I attempted to have different colors for each of my classes, didn’t turn out so well LoL

I have known about bullet journaling for quite some time now, but my first impressions were not so good. My inner (baby) anarchist derided the idea of a “system” for organizing developed by an “outsider”… a bit extreme, I know, nonetheless this was literally my initial impression. But upon further familiarizing myself with the idea of bullet journaling & falling in love with some independent bullet-journalists that created some of the most kawaii planners and weekly logs I have ever seen, turned my head & I began to rethink my conception of bullet journaling.

I began my conversion with total failure. Considering myself a skilled planner and a deep lover of paper, I purchased a blank notebook & started marking the days [initially, I wanted to do an overarching (school/work/personal life) planner and dedicated a massive amount of space to each category]  I DID NOT REALIZE THE PLANNING IT TOOK ~~ Needless to say, this notebook has been abandoned 😦

Realizing my “noob”-ness I purchased a weekly planner from TJ Maxx and set to work incorporating my newly acquired skills *claps for success*

I am so new at this that had no idea they had a website! Which has given me a new respect for the bullet journaling creator and the early adopters that have set this fire ablaze on Instagram and my Pinterest.